Bond Release

An experienced immigration lawyer files a Motion for Bond Hearing once ICE turns over the detainee to the jurisdiction of the court. The attorney identifies Relief for Deportation, obtains any arrest or conviction court documents and directs his client to testify as to his length of presence in the U.S., United States Citizen (USC) or LPR family who would suffer hardship were he deported and addresses the facts of his or her arrests or convictions. The attorney then presents facts to the judge concerning his clients place of residence, the fact that he will appear at his next hearing once released and that his client is not a person who is a risk to the general community. Obtaining a Bond is difficult when a detainee has past criminal convictions and a recent arrest for example a DUI or Drug offense etc. However we have been successful in these matters.


Our client, spouse of a USC and father of United States Citizen (USC) children, plead guilty to an offense and was detained. We were able to get a bond approved by the court since he is eligible for relief under cancellation fo removal and in addition is eligible for an I 601 A Waiver. He has now been released and faces a Master hearing later this year. Wwe were able to show that he is not a flight risk or a danger to the community.

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